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All code, utilities, and white papers provided here are as is and are free of charge.  You are allowed to use them as part of your own applications.  If you use my ideas or code, please test them before you hook the code up with real data.  Data is too important to destroy.  If you are going to redistribute any code outside your application, please give Business & Computers, Inc. and Larry Gordon credit for the code, utilities, or white papers along with our website http://www.businessandcomputers.com .

I would like to tell you all the code is original, however that would be a lie.  I read lots of books, have lots of people who have helped me, research many problems and come to my own conclusions.  In doing so I do not believe I have an exact copy of anyone’s code, but you might see different peoples influences in some snippets.  Hopefully I can influence your code in the same way and help make you a better programmer. 
Microsoft SQL Server and Some .Net
If Other Than Larry Gordon
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Summary File

The Basics of Stored Procedures.

This is for people who are just starting SQL Server and want to learn how to write Stored Procedures.

10 How to backup and Maintain your SQL Server. You cannot backup SQL Server with a normal backup program by backing up your mdf file.  This shows how to schedule backups and how to restore the file.  It also show how to schedule some other maintance jobs.  SQL_BackupMaintain.pdf
12 Security and SQL Server  People write whole books on SQL Server, this is just a brief explanation.  You must have some understanding of SQL Server in order to program insid SQL Server.  SQLSecurity.pdf
20 Using XML inside Stored Procedures We show how to receive XML and turn it into a table.  XML_SQL_OpenXML.pdf
21  Brief description on how to move data through web services using .Net and SQL Server

This shows how to move data from one application to another over the web using web services and SQL Server.


Access Queries to
   T-SQL Queries

A Access 2000 database and a 2 page pdf file

Updated 02/24/2005

 Very rough code that will chnage Access SQL to
T-SQL for SQL Server.  This is a form you can import into your database, pick a query and print in a box any problems and T-SQL that will work in SQL Server.  You can then copy the T-SQL and use it in a Stored Procedure, View, etc.





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