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Some Thoughts on What Can be Done
With a Properly Designed Database
The following was written by one of my customers after telling him I was going to put up a website. I was totally surprised that he went to the effort to write the document with no encouragement from myself. When I questioned him on why he wrote it, he stated that we were able to show him ways to track his company that he was sure were not possible and wanted others to know what we can do.

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Presented with permission from Grandma's Deli & Catering

Forms from different applications written by Business & Computers, Inc. were added to further illustrate the solution.



Many small to mid-size businesses don’t know the true costs of their product
Solution:  Do you know the current exact cost of each product you manufacture?  How about the cost of bought products including a portion of labor and fixed costs?  How do you factor in the rise in costs of raw material or the effect of making/selling 13% more widgets per person based on current sales?  A database easily tracks and brings all of that information and more to your fingertips.  It allows accurate and instant analysis of pricing and profitability, not just of each product, but of groups of products assigned to a product line.  You might actually find that you would be more profitable with less work by eliminating a group of products you thought were adding to your bottom line.
Above - Products Cost Form for a Printing Division of a Fortune 500 Company.
Everything They do, They Charge Back to Other Divisions of the Company.
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Virtually all business suffer from theft and product loss

While product loss can never be eliminated, stringent controls utilizing a database management system will let you know almost immediately when and where a loss occurs.  You will see even greater savings as your staff participates in inventory control and see first-hand the accountability for each product, each void, each discount.  Database management goes far beyond theft and cost control.  Once you know what is sold and what is used, an accurate ordering system is an easy extension. 


Above - A Group of Reports from Grandma's Deli & Catering Application
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Fact:  Most businesses don’t use databases to bolster their marketing campaigns

Once you have tracked your products to find what sells and what doesn’t, that data can by utilized to make marketing decisions based on profits!  An inexpensive marketing campaign can easily be supported by a well built database.  Send personalized letters with ease from that same database.  Even custom labels for your products or reminder postcards verifying a client’s appointment or product availability can be just a keystroke away.  Some of the most cost effective marketing campaigns have been centered around a focused group of profitable clients and/or profitable featured products, both of which are easily targeted with a customized database.



Above - Sales Information for each Company from Jobs Done
in a Program We Wrote for a Construction Company.

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Fact:  Many businesses’ payroll merely prints checks

With setup of a proper database, payroll can not only calculate regular and overtime hours, multiple bonuses based on units, percentages and more, but can assign those costs to customers or products.  This system creates the paycheck, but more importantly creates a system to track costs and profit centers.



Above - Payroll Screen from the Payroll part of Grandma's Deli & Cateringa program.

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Fact:  In summary, many companies don’t fully utilize the benefits of a database to create accountability
Solution:  A system can be created to enter a client’s order into a database one time.  From there, a keystroke can produce invoices on letterhead, billing statements, preparation reports both for that client and entire company-wide production needs for a particular day or period.   From there, missing product can be researched.  Profits can be tracked by dollar and percents.  Informed decisions on pricing and product lines come with ease.  A simple click of the mouse will provide custom labels and even assign production & deliveries by staff, zip code or other criteria.  You can then market to those customers utilizing a particular product in a direct, inexpensive manner. 

In summary, you will see greater sales, lower waste, theft and product cost with a noticeable rise in bottom-line profits!


Above - Job Sceduling Card (the employee takes to the job)
from a Program We Wrote for a Construction Company.

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