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All code, utilities, and white papers provided here are as is and are free of charge.  You are allowed to use them as part of your own applications.  If you use my ideas or code, please test them before you hook the code up with real data.  Data is too important to destroy.  If you are going to redistribute any code outside your application, please give Business & Computers, Inc. and Larry Gordon credit for the code, utilities, or white papers along with our website http://www.businessandcomputers.com .

I would like to tell you all the code is original, however that would be a lie.  I read lots of books, have lots of people who have helped me, research many problems and come to my own conclusions.  In doing so I do not believe I have an exact copy of anyone’s code, but you might see different peoples influences in some snippets.  Hopefully I can influence your code in the same way and help make you a better programmer. 

Microsoft Access  Last updated May-16-2004
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If Other Than Larry Gordon
Date Last Uploaded
Summary Access 97 Access 2000/2002
5 How to move around your forms and reports inside Access. This is more for beginners, but the old timers (like old Larry) might get something.  This shows a couple of menus you can use in your application, but mainly a white paper that is philosophical about how to go from your user opening forms and reports from the database window to actually being a programmer and your user never seeing the database window.


White Paper and Access 2000 Database.




Why some Select Queries are Updatable and Others are Not Updatable

Larry shows how to tell when you are designing select queries if they will be updateable or not (can you change and/or add data).  Have you ever built a query and then built a form based on the query and not been able to update the data.  Did you tear your hair out?  Larry shows you how to keep your hair, and update your data.  He also shows some similar information on delete queries and a brief tour of queries in general.  

Did you know you can have a query with totals per customer and cumulative totals?  Larry shows you how.

Sample Database and a White Paper is included in the download.



12 Access Reports to Adobe Acrobat

You must have a copy of Adobe Acrobat Writer to write reports out in Adobe Acrobat format.

This is based on using version 5.0 of Acrobat Writer, however it should work with future versions but only testing will prove it one way or the other.

Acrobat 5.0 has two print drivers “Acrobat Distiller” and “Acrobat PDFWriter”. Each work differently.

The sample database is in Access 2002 which uses a totally different method of changing printers.  Later I will do a sample database in Access 97 and 2000.

This is an Access 2002 database.


0.2 Meg



15 How to Move the backend of an Access Database to SQL Server

This document contains some of the steps needed to move an Access 2000 data to SQL Server 7/2000. This is not a simple trick. There will be a learning curve at least as hard as moving from macros to code.

The reasons I wrote this document, is that after reading over 10 books that dealt with Access and SQL Server, I came to the conclusion that none of them dealt with working with an Access 2000 mdb and a SQL Server backend very well. There are a couple of good books that dealt with developing in an Access Project (adp) however it is my opinion that this is not the way you want to move when you are moving a legacy application, and my not be the way to go if you are starting an application from scratch.

Same can be used for Access 97 AccessToSQL_Notes.pdf
30 WinFax - How to automatically fax Access Reports.

This is code and documentation on faxing Access reports automatically to people in your database.  You must have WinFax in order to use this code.

There is a problem with Windows XP and this code (See #31 for a solution).  It has been reported that the code causes the WinFax send screen (the screen where it wants you the enter the name and fax number for each report) to appear which you don't want to happen.  I have confirmed the problem, but because most everything I do today uses e-mail I havn't taken the time to find a solution to the problem.  If you find one, please let me know.


1.0 Meg




0.8 Meg



WinFax -
Windows XP

Rick Toner  was kind enough to find a solution to the Windows XP problem.  Thanks Rick

Rick has replaced some of my code to make it work with Windows XP and Winfax, but you still might want to download #30 above to see some of the processes of faxing.

32 WinFax - Extras If you use the code above in program #30, this will allow you to read the WinFax logs.


0.1 Meg



Form Event documenter

This is the order form from  Northwind database attached to a popup form that shows all the events as they are fired.  This will help when you are having problems with what event is firing when.

This was originally furnished by Microsoft in Access 2.0 and I didn't like how it worked so I changed it and updated it to Access 97.  You can update it to Access 2000, it just not going to show the events available in 2000 that are not in 97.


0.5 Meg



 70 Problem  SQL Server Compatible Syntex (ANSI 92) for Queries  There is a problem with Access 2002 if you decide to use ANSI 92 queries and want to use combo boxes also.  

This is an Access 2002 Problem


80 Compacting & Repairing Both The Data Database and Local Databases From Your Application Database

* Does your application slow down after a month of heavy use by 15 or 20 users?

* Do you tell your user to compact the database once a day, once a week or other interval?

* Does your user have no idea how to compact and repair your database?

Larry showes a form you can import into any database (Access 2002 (XP) or higher) and solve the problem.

Code and a white paper will be available to members.

This is an Access 2002 Database.


120 Error Trapping

How to do Error Trapping in Code (Code doesn't stop, whe just tell the user the problem).

With the right error trapping code you can tell the user the problem and in many cases they can solve the problem, instead of calling the programmer.  This is one step you will need if you plan on building professional applications.

Sample Database and a White Paper is included in the download.

200 SageKey Wizard for Access This is a program that allows you to build a .msi file to install you Acces Applications.  No need to have lots of instructions of copying this file and that file.  Just allow your user to put in a CD and it's all done for you.

Larry's Paper for the Access Group (pdf)


SageKey's Website MSI Wizard


220 SageKey Wizard for Access - Larry's Notes Some people have asked for notes I use myself when I'm making an Installation file



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