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Payroll Application #2  Simple Payroll
Main Menu
  • The buttons on the right moves the user to different areas of the program.
  • Click the Payroll - Enter button, and the payroll entry form opens to enter payroll hours.
  • Click Admin Utilities on the left and Payroll Names button is available and you can enter a new employee.
Payroll Names
  • We enter the names of the people who are working for the company, along with the pay amount and other important information.
  • By having cost per hour we can figure out time sheets, and company costs (including the companies part of Social Security, Unemployment Insurance, work comp insurance and other overheads).
  • We can also figure costs for Management because we have what Type of Employee this is.
  • We also setup if this employee is available for deliveries.
Week of Payroll
  • Once you click the button on the menu Payroll - Enter a form come up to verify week.
  • Click Enter Payroll and the Payroll Form will come up.
Payroll Form
  • All the Employees working that week come up and you can enter start and stop time.
  • This will track all the information you need for each employee this week.
Payroll Reports
  • Because we have the above information, getting detailed information about our employees is a simple matter of designing our reports.
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