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Membership Application

A Small Sampling of forms


       Main Menu

The buttons on the right moves the user to different areas of the application










Click the Acc Rec button on the left, and see the Account Receivable jobs that can be performed on the right.

      Query Form

The Query form is used for
  • Looking up Records
  • Editing Records
  • Printing Reports

Each of the main forms has a query form that is used to lookup data.







  • You can Lookup Check Lists


  • You can lookup one record or multiple records.
      Main Form


  • The main form has all the data for each company.  In this case this form has 4 tabs with everything we know about a company. 
  • Each company is considered a record.


  • The fields can be designed with many possibilities.
    • Data the user types in
    • Pull down lists - A list with a number or possibilities - i.e. all the states - and you pick one.
    • Option Groups with 3 or 4 possibilities and you pick one.
    • Check boxes where you check one or more.
    • Buttons  you click to accomplish a task.


  • Once you have looked up the records you are interested in, you can print a report for the records you have looked up.
  • Just click the Print button on the bottom right.

  • That will bring up the Print Menu.


     Print Menu
  • Pick the report you want, and then click Print or Preview.
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